Stephen Fordyce

Stephen (Steve) Fordyce enjoys multi-disciplinary cave diving and exploration - the more gear the better!  A KISS Sidekick is his rebreather of choice.  He has explored some of the most remote cave sumps in Australia on both open and closed circuit, and recently was the push diver at the pointy end of a big team effort in Tasmania, which connected Growling Swallet and Niggly Cave. Fortunately, being an engineer and mad scientist, if sufficient gear doesn't exist, he can just create it, and he makes a living by doing just this, designing and making custom technical diving equipment for TFM Engineering Australia.  Steve is also well known for his sense of humour, terrible jokes and bad cave/product names.

Presentation topic - "Junee Cave Diving Expedition" Multi-sump rebreather logistics, trimix and pushing the deepest cave dive in Tasmania. Junee Cave is the resurgence of the entire Junee-Florentine mountain karst system - discharging water which sinks up to 12km away and 500m vertically above base level.  It is a cold, deep and unforgiving place, which has slowly yielded to the successive efforts of many well-known Australian cave divers.  This latest effort used a carefully planned logistical approach to maximise pushing time, allowing a small but exciting extension of the known cave.


Interested in a try dive?

There will be try dives of various units available all day on Sunday!