Tim Muscat

Tim Muscat began diving in 2008 and became an instructor in 2010. He has been teaching frequently for over 10 years in the fields of cave, decompression, trimix and closed circuit rebreather diving as well as being an avid explorer of new cave systems in Australia and overseas. In addition to his instructing work, Tim is a full-time Paramedicine student and a qualified electrician.

Tim first started CCR diving in 2013 with the purchase of a Hollis Prism 2. Since then rebreathers have become the primary tool for most of his diving endeavours. Tim is an instructor on the Prism 2, KISS Sidekick, Hollis Explorer and and has certifications for the SF2 and JJCCR.

Presentation topic - "Rebreathers in Caves" - a preference to open circuit when diving overhead environments.


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